Welcome to the DCU Universe Previews

You didn’t miss an announcement from Upper Deck. As far as I know, negotiations are still underway between UDE and DC Comics. There’s no telling when or if we will get new official content featuring DC characters.

However, new content is coming. It’s just of the unofficial variety.

This isn’t really news to a lot of you. The DC Project (as we call it) has had a presence here at VsRealms from the beginning. This is where it all started. So, I figured I’d come back to where it all began to get things started.

Way back when the Marvel Universe polls were going on, I was uneasy. I kept wondering why there hadn’t been an announcement about a similar DC set. I had a feeling change might be in the air.

Plus, I was impatient. I love the game and I love DC Comics. But I only sort of like Marvel. There’s Marvel books I read, but usually I follow creators I like at Marvel rather than characters. So, I really wanted to get to the DC polls.

My impatience finally overcame me and I started a series of DC-related polls that mirrored the ones from MUN. It was purely a lark. Just for fun. Sh@ts and giggles.

Around about the second or third poll, some of the participants started asking me if I was going to make a set based on the results. Sure, why not? I had no idea what I was signing up for.

A lot of the same guys who asked about whether or not I would be making a set started volunteering to help. Before I knew it, I had a design team. We were off an running.

It was a bumpy start. We communicated through PMs. We didn’t have much in the way of organization. Everyone worked independently and I tried to keep track of it all. The only thing I did have were a few guiding principals which I think we’ve managed to adhere to throught the process of creating this set:

1. Make it feel like a real set.

2. Whenever possible, follow the model of MUN (this was especially tricky as we didn’t have a complete spolier for MUN until relatively recently).

3. Be creative and innovative without pushing the game into new territory. (It’s UDE’s game. We’ll play be their rules.)

Those guidelines seemed pretty simple. And they really helped out when we faced tough design decisions. I think we were pretty successful in staying true to the original goals. In my opinion, The finished product feels like a real companion piece to MUN. You’ll have to let us know if you agree.

Eventually, people got busy and the project just kind of floundered. After a few weeks, I started getting e-mails asking if we were ever going to finish it. The answer, sadly, was I don’t think so.

But then, the announcement came down that negotiations between DC and UDE were on-going. As DC fans, we were disappointed naturally. Suddenly, we had the motivation we needed to get the band back together.

All the pieces really came together. We got organized. We started collaborating on our own forum (thanks Onyxweapon!). We were making real progress.

It was a lot of fun. And very exciting. I think all of us really learned a lot about the design process. I have a newfound respect for the VS. design teams. There is an unbeleivable amount of work that goes into this game. I’ve spent countless hours just tracking down flavor text. I had no idea how much time, thought and effort would go into every single card.

(Why did we decide to start off with a 330-card set anyway?)

According to the Previews schedule I have in front of me, previews should be starting tomorrow. Guglio has done a fantastic job of putting together a real preview season for our little project. I know that all of us who have been working on this thing for the last several months (close to half a year, I think) are really looking forward to seeing people’s reactions to it.

We all know, it’s not the same thing as an official DC set. But we worked hard to make it the next best thing. I hope that effort comes through and that everyone enjoys the final product as much as we enjoyed working on it.

My thanks to everyone who worked on the set and everyone who is supporting the previews.

I have to call out the two main driving forces behind our fan-made set:

Guglio – His speed and enthusiasm are second to none. And these previews are 100% his work.

SeventhSoldier – If memory serves, SS is the first person to suggest restarting the project after it initially stalled out.

Both of these guys bled for this project. And I think they both came up with some truly innovative, yet balanced designs. This project never would have happened, if it had not been for the two of them.

We also had input and contributions from several others including:

and ThugeeTrainee

Thanks, guys!

Hope everyone has fun.


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