Green Lantern Previews


I’m playing a bit of catch-up this morning.  Yesterday, I posted the link to the Beware My Power preview article (  But there were a number of other Green Lantern previews last week.  So, I’ll go ahead and post the linkes right here:

Hal Jordan, Lantern of the League and Oa:

Hal Jordan Rebirth and Lantern of Earth preview:

Kyle Rayner, Honor Gaurd and The Spectrum article:

Sodom Yat

And, anyone who stopped by the One Stop thread at Vs Realms ( got a look at a card I accidentally let slip:

So, I might as well do a little write-up on the “bonus preview card”, right?

First off, a little confession.  Designing legend cards for Hal was a challenge.  The GL ring can do so many things, it’s tough to really capture the flavor of a Green Lantern in game terms.  Traditionally in the game, GLs have used willpower so that was a given.  Endurance gain was also a common theme.  There were constructs, but we didn’t really want to revisit those in this set.

Looking at Hal Jordans that have been printed in the past was really no help either.  UDE probably faced the same challenge with Hal that we did.  You just can’t capture everything he can do in one card.  So, he has exhaustion effects, searching effects, etc.

At one point, all of the Hal Jordans in the set had a power-up theme.  This obviously tied into Lantern of Earth (  But I founf the overall effect to be somewhat overpowering.  Especially in a format where Hal could fit into a JLA ally strategy.

The power-up theme did stay with Hal Jordan, Mystic Light.  (Incidentally, the stats on the printed card are incorrect.  He’s supposed to be a 15/15 given his ability to power up so easily.)  In a Hal Jordan legend deck, this allows you to abuse Lantern of Earth.  In a JLA deck, it allows you to abuse any and all ally powers.  Especially since Hal can power-up any of his teammates.

Finally, Hal gets a more traditional bonus power if he stays face-up.  Free endurance gain equal to his willpower (which is printed as a 6 but can be boosted).  That ought to be enough to keep you in the game until Sodom Yat, Ion ( can come in and clean things up for you.  Is it just me or does it seem like Sodom Yat and Hal really compliment each other?

Monday, we’ll be starting things off with the Emerald Enemies.  Without giving anything away, I’ll tell you that the EE refeature will offer up a new twist on willpower that really has everyone excited.  So, be sure to check out the preview article at:


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