Boodikka, Alpha Lantern


This morning sees the last of the Green Lantern previews.  Vs_Savant brings it home with a spicy preview of Boodikka, Alpha Lantern.  Check it out:

Later on this week, I’m going to do a write-up on willpower and how we used it in the set.  I think people will be intrigued by some of the things we did with it. 

Boodikka is representative of a certain type of Green Lantern card in the set.  Being a GL, she has willpower.  But it’s not central to her strategy.  We wanted to have a balance of cards that would key off of willpower.  But we also wanted cards that could be played in a GL deck that did not revolve around willpower.

Be sure to read the preview article for all the juicy details.  And come back here tomorrow as we kick of previews for one of the most interesting teams in the set.


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