Parallax, Fear Incarnate


Today, we kick off the Emerald Enemies previews with a bang.  I know what you want to see.  Here’s the card:

The first thing that probably jumps out at you is the payment cost.  Paying willpower is new.  It works just like paying attack did back in Marvel Team-Up.  When you pay X willpower, that willpower is gone for the turn.

As designers, we realized that paying willpower was not as great a cost as paying attack.  So, we put a lot of restrictions on when these payments had to be made.  Very often, that means you’ll be deciding how much willpower you can part with during the build phase.  Other cards will reward you for hanging on to your willpower for later.

Parallax is actually a lot more powerful than he might at first appear.  His stats are pretty standard if a little on the weak side.  But with flight, range and a lot of willpower, he more than makes up for it.  That willpower can essentially be converted into +6 ATK for the turn.  And it is good whether or not Parallax sees combat.

Plus, there are obviously ways to boost Parallax’s WP for extra defense lowering.

You might also notice that there is no “once-pre-turn” clause here.  During the build phase, you can lower the defense of your opponent’s entire board for easy up-curve stunnage.

There’s a lot more EE updates to come this week.  We’ve got some all-stars previewing the super-legend of the set.  So, keep coming back for more!


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