Thirst For Revenge


So far this week, we’ve been looking at the Emerald Enemies refeature and their new twist on willpower.  Today’s preview card continues that trend with a powerful search card…

Like most of the “pay willpower” effects we’ve seen so far, this one is restricted to the build phase.  However, unlike previous effects, you can pay this cost off of any number of characters you control.

You can see how these willpower payments can start to add up.  During the build phase, you’re going to be facing some tough choices.  What effects do you want to spend your willpower on?  Obviously, if you’re missing an important drop, Thirst for Revenge is going to be a pretty high priority for you.  But it might mean you won’t have the willpower to spend on another flashy effect you wanted to play.

Fortunately, you don’t have to pay all your willpower from just one character.  That gives you some flexibility.  But you’ll need to be careful if you want to get the most bang for your buck.

Also, it’s a tutor that does not require a discard.  It doesn’t require an exhaustion.  And you don’t even have to control another Emerald Enemies character.  Obviously, this is going to be a very useful card!

The downsides are that it is limited to the build phase.  So, you can’t use it to fetch a timely power-up or discard.  Also, you’ve got to control some characters with combined willpower of 3 or more.  Of course, that shouldn’t be hard to pull off at all.

We’ve got more Emerald Enemies action coming this week including a few more community previews.  And starting next week, we’ll be doubling up with extra previews across the blogosphere.

If you have a blog and you’re interested in previewing a card in the coming weeks, post here or here: and we’ll get something set up.


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