Alan Scott, Starheart


The response to the DCU Previews has been overwhelmingly positive so far.  So much so, that we’ve added a number of previews to the remainder of the schedule.  You’ll be seeing about twice as many cards in the same amount of time as we originally planned. 

The decision to ramp up the previews came after we had completed our first week of Green Lanterns.  Seeing as how GLs are one of the main teams featured in the set, it didn’t seem right to exclude them from the bonus previews.  So this weekend, I’ll share a few of my favorite GL cards that weren’t originally in the preview schedule.

I’m sure I don’t have to sell anybody on Alan Scott.  He’s got all the GL trimmings (willpower, flight and range).  He’s also got a one-time trick that will be very useful in the right deck.  When he comes into play, he’ll fetch you an on-going plot twist which you can put right into your resource row.

So, what are we going to use it for?  Well, if you’re still missing a team-up, you can always go fetch one.  But that’s what Kyle Rayner, Honor Guard ( is for.  Playing a Hal Jordan legend deck?  Maybe you’d like to fetch Lantern of Earth (  Or, if you hit LoE already, maybe you need a Recharge! to start your card draw.

There’s plenty of other on-goings the GLs might want.  (Rain of Acorns, anyone?)  But, naturally we decided to give Alan something specific to look for:

Over the course of a game, this card could net you a lot of life gain.  And not only is it a good match with Alan Scott, Starheart.  You can also run it in a JSA deck with Golden Age Engineer.

I’ll come back tomorrow with some more GL goodness.  On Monday, we’ll finish off the Emerald Enemies and start the transition into the Sinestro Corp with the Anti-Matter team.


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