Ferris Aircraft


The Green Lantern comic book stories play out in a cosmic setting.  There are lots of alien planets and space sectors.  But ever since Geoff Johns started his run with the rebirth of Hal Jordan, there have been a couple of key terrestrial locations as well.  One of those locations is definitely Ferris Aircraft.

For those of you who don’t follow Green Lantern, Hal Jordan is a test pilot for Ferris Air.  He’s had a rocky relationship with the company as well as its owner, Carol Ferris.  When they were children, Hal and Carol were friends.  That ended when young Hal watched his father die in an accident at Ferris Aircraft.

In the current “Secret Origin” story running through the Green Lantern title, Geoff Johns really deatils Hal’s history with the company.  How he swore never to return to Ferris Aircraft and what ultimately brought him back.  As the flavor text says, Ferris Aircraft is where Hal’s hopes and fears were realized.  We couldn’t do a Green Lantern set covering the Geoff Johns run on the book without including this key locations.

So, without further ado, here’s the card:

Filtering locations have been around since Cerebro way back in MOR.  I think a lot of people have a love/hate relationship with these kinds of cards.  Yes, they can help you hit your curve.  But most people would rather just dig into their deck with a good tutor.  (Don’t worry, the Green Lanterns get one of those too.)

Ferris Aircraft doesn’t let you dig too far into your deck.  You just get to see the top card.  If it’s a Green Lantern character card, it’s yours free and clear.  If not, you’ve got some choices to make.  If it’s not something you want to draw into, you can bury it at the bottom of your deck.  But if it’s a card you want, things get a little more interesting.

If you choose to leave the card on top of your deck, there are plenty of ways to get to it.  The easiest is to play some kind of card draw effect.  (The Green Lantern team has a few available including the already previewed Hal Jordan, Rebirth” http://vscorps.wordpress.com/2008/07/02/dc-universe-is-finally-here). 

Assuming you don’t have a card draw effect handy, there’s also rally.  Since you know what the top card of your deck is, something like Alias Investigation from MUN will fetch it for you.  But, we also build in an emergency failsafe to keep our “test pilots” safe.  If you absolutely need to have the top card of your deck in your resource row, all you need to do is discard a card and replace Ferris Aircraft.

If you excerise this failsafe option, you’ll be “grounded” unless you draw into another Ferris Aircraft.  (Just like Hal Jordan, there’s always a chance you’ll be back.)  But it offers you the peace of mind to know you won’t be burying a critical card the way some filtering locations do.

Starting tomorrow, we’re going to increase the number of previews per day.  So, keep checking back with us for all the DCU excitement.  Things will be getting scary as we shine a spotlight on the frightful Sinestro Corps!


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