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Later today, we’ve got some preview articles scheduled.  Today, we’re transitioning from the Emerald Enemies to the Anti-Matter affiliation.  There’s a lot of dual affiliation between the two teams as Sinestro recruited a lot of Green Lantern enemies on to the Sinestro Corps.

The first three teams of the set were all pretty interconnected in terms of design.  The one thing we knew for sure when we started the set was that we were going to focus heavily on the Sinestro Corps War crossover.  That made the Green Lanterns a no-brainer.  But there was some debate as to how to handle the villains.

UDE had already created a Sinestro Corp sring card as an Anti-Matter legacy card.  Plus the new symbol for Anti-Matter in DCL was the Sinestro Corp emblem.  So we decided to follow their lead and use the Anti-Matter affiliation to represent the Sinestro Corps.  We looked at some non-SC Anti-Matter characters, but ultimately we didn’t have room to include them in the set.

There was some question about whether or not to include the Emerald Enemies in the set at all.  Aside from the dual affilaited members like Fatality, Mongul and Sinestro himself, most of the Emerald Enemies didn’t play a role in the Sinestro Corps storyline.  But ultimately, we decided that there wouldn’t be a better time to feature the Enemies any time soon.

Also, the scope of the Green Lantern feature stretched beyond just the Sinestro Corps storyline.  We essentially went back to Rebirth and covered teh entire Geoff Johns run on the title.  Basically, anything that’s happened in GL since the original GL set was fair game.

With that in mind, we took a hard look at the Emerald Enemies roster.  Any villain who had appeared in Johns’ run of GL got a green light.  Also, characters who had made a significant appearance in a GL-related story between the time of Rebirth and the present were considered.

In terms of the mechanics, we stayed pretty true to the original Green Lantern design.  Guglio came up with the idea of paying willpower as a means of making the Emerald Enemies the polar opposites of the Green Lanterns.  I’ve already detailes some of the implications of that decision in the Willpower post from last week.

That left the Anti-Matter affiliation.  We honestly were not sure what to do with these guys for a long time.  Of all the teams, I think they went through the most revisions.  The first draft was kind of a generic villain team with lots of KO effects.  I think they had willpower, but I’m not sure.

We debated the use of willpower on the Sinestro Corps.  It was one of our most heated discussions.  Afterall, the Sinestro Corps were powered by fear.  On the one hand, it seemed close enough.  On the other, it didn’t quite feel right from a flavor perspective.  We also discussed creating a new keyword to represent fear.  But ultimately, we decided it was best to leave new mechanics to UDE.

Onyxweapon and I had both been kicking around the vague notion of a team that used the removed from game zone.  But we didn’t want it to be just like the KO’d pile for Underworld or Secret Society.  It had to be something different.  Something that would feel unique to the Anti-Matter affiliation.

Meanwhile, Guglio was looking at the previous versions of the Anti-Matter team.  One of the most impactful Anti-Matter cards was the Anti-Green Lanterns.  Also, the Sinestro Corps Ring card had a similar feel to it.  So, Guglio suggested incorporating the flavor of those cards into the team.

The final design for the Anti-Matter team took both ideas and mixed in some classic Anti-Matter control of the hidden area for good measure.  We decided to leave willpower off the Anti-Matter characters unless they were dual affiliated with a team that actually used willpower as part of their central strategy.

The end result is (I hope) something new that will feel familiar.  As always, you’ll have to let us know what you think.

Look for the final Emerald Enemies and the first Anti-Matter preview articles coming soon!


2 Responses to “Team Designs”

  1. Donnie Says:

    Hmm, I guess now I know what I can expect from Sinestro and his Corps. I can’t wait to see how they work.

  2. Donnie Says:

    Also, it’s funny because I myself am creating a team with a theme revolving around cards removed from the game.

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