Anti-Monitor, Multiverse Mayhem


If you read Billy Zonos’ excellent write-up on Kyle Rayner <> Parallax ( then you know how useful he is in a stall build.  The question is, will the Anti-Matter affiliation have something worth stalling for.  Traditionally, There was no AM 8-drop.  They went right from 7 to the Anti-Monitor at 9.

The old Anti-Monitor was a beast of a card.  Well, worth stalling to if you could do it.  But to fill that hole at 8, you needed to look elsewhere.  Frankly, we got impatient.  We wanted to see the Anti-Monitor earlier.  So, this Anti-Monitor comes out on 8:

First off, this big guy is a 20/20 with flight and range.  Those stats aren’t so common on an 8-drop anymore.  Plus, he can be recruited from the KO’d pile.  So, he’s easier to get into play than most 8-drops.  You can safely discard him during the course of the game knowing that if you get to 8, he can still be recruited as your finisher.

Speaking of being a finisher, the Anti-Monitor can finish off anyone who becomes stunned while he’s face-up.  A simple discard removes any stunned character from the game.  No one’s coming back from that, right?

Check back later today for an Anti-Matter preview that answers that question in a surprising way…


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