Batmboile, Tank


How’d you like The Dark Knight?  As you can tell from my spoiler-free review, I loved it.  I was so blown away, I just can’t shake it.  So, today I’m going off script a little bit to celebrate the awesomeness that is TDK.

Finally, a plyable Batmobile.  The old Batmobile was fine except for it’s cost.  This Batmoblie lets you cheat its cost as long as you control a Gotham Knights character.

In some ways, it’s not quite as versatile as the old Batmobile.  If you’re defending, all you get is a stat bump of +1/+1.  But you don’t have to KO it to get the benefit of not being stunned on the attack.  Not too shabby, huh?

Honestly, there’s a different Batman related card in the set that I’d have loved to show you today.  It works very well with this Batmobile.  Sadly, however, that preview has already been assigned.  So, you guys will just have to wait a while longer for that piece of Batman goodness.

Later today, I’ll go back on script.  So check back later on.  And if you haven’t already done so, be sure to check out  Today is the last day it’s up.


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