Star Sapphire


Last weekend, I backtracked a little to bring you some Green Lantern previews in the middle of the Emerald Enemies week.  Today, I’m going to pick up a couple of EE previews that got passed over during their week of previews.

Star Sapphire falls in line with the Enemies paying willpower strategy.  As printed, she can sacrifice her willpower to prevent your opponent’s 4-drop from attacking.  If you have a way to pump her willpower, you can take his biggest attacker out of the fight before it even begins.

Star Sapphire also gets a mini-legend treatment for any character with that identity.  If you combine, Star Sapphire, Zamaronian with Zamaron, you can keep a character your opponent controls from attacking and then send an attacker back to your opponents hand.  How’s that for a brick wall?  And all it costs you is some willpower and an activation!

Tomorrow, we’ll be wrapping up the Sinestro Corp/Anti-Matter previews.  And then we’ll move on to the next team in the set.  It’s a high profile team that is definitely due for a refeature.  So keep checking back with us all next week!


3 Responses to “Star Sapphire”

  1. seventhsoldier Says:

    Just to clarify, you have to pump her willpower to even stop a 5-drop from attacking – with no additional effects, she can only stop a 4. Which is fair for an uncommon.

  2. scythecastle Says:

    Its a fantasy set. So I’m not going to be overly critical. However, it seems to be this is MUCH better than Spiderman (4 or 6 really) and 2 face.

    It should probably have a cost 4 or less barrier on it.

  3. dclebeau Says:

    7th Soldier is correct – as always.

    This is what I get for writing preview articles! I even designed the darned card, but I forgot she can only get a 4-drop as printed. The other guys can tell you, I get confused easily.

    Anyway, I corrected the article. Thanks for the catch 7S.

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