Children of the White Lobe & Blink Bomb


We’re wrapping up the Anti-Matter affiliation today with a couple of cards that share a minor team theme.  If you read the Sinestro Corps War, you know that a big chunk of the story centered around an effort to blow up the planet, Mogo.  So, naturally, we had to give the Anti-Matter some resource row hate.

The Children of the White Lobe aren’t much good in a fight.  But if you can get three activations out of any number of these 1-drop army characters, you can replace any non-Team-up resource an opponent controls.  If you’re willing to dedicate enough deck space to these little guys, there’s really no limit to the havoc they can wreck on your opponent’s resource row.

But one card does not a theme make.  Check out the actual Blink Bomb:

This piece of equipment will save you two of the three exhaustions necessary to replace a resource.  Slap one on Children of the White Lobe, activate the Children, exhaust the bomb, replace it and BOOM!

Mogo’s gone.  Or whatever other non-team-up resource you need to get rid of.

There’s a third card on the team that supports this strategy.  But you’ll have to wait until the set is released to see it.

In the meanwhile, we’ll be moving on to a very social team with tomorrow’s previews.


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