Power Girl, Sole Survivor


It’s the best day of the year today.  Yep, Power Girl day.  All kinds of PG goodness.  And comic book fans know, nothing beats PG goodness.

If you don’t know Power Girl’s back-story, I’m not even going to attempt to explain it.  Your head would explode.  Let’s just say she’s the last survivor of the Krypron of Earth-2.  If that doesn’t make any sense to you, nothing I can say is going to fix that.

To capture the importance of these locations (Krypton and Earth-2) all of the Power Girl-related cards in the set deal with locations.  Here’s an example:

I sense you’re not that impressed.  Sure, replacing resources can be a good thing.  But it can also bite you if you wind up burying an important character in your resource row.

MUN gave us the Super Hero Registration Act and way back in MOR we got Night Vision.  Both cards can help you know when to use Power Girl’s power and when not to.  Plus there are ways to stack the top of your deck like Poseidonis or Asgard.  The JSA is going to have quite a few ways of their own.

With apologies to ChaosExile489 at tcgplayer, I’m going to run the risk of stealing his thunder a little.  He’s supposed to preview 2 PG cards today, but I haven’t got a confirm that his article will go up today.  So, I’m going to let you see one of the cards here.  When I get an address for his article, I’ll be sure to post it so you can enjoy his Power Girl previews.

I’m not going to comment a lot on this card since there is another preview article being written on it.  But you can see how this would help make Power Girl, Sole Survivor a very useful card.  Survivor of Another World will have other uses, as you will see. 

If everything goes according to my preview calendar, you should see some more uses sooner rather than later.

Enjoy the rest of your Power Girl preview day!


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4 Responses to “Power Girl, Sole Survivor”

  1. seventhsoldier Says:

    Lebeau – I think you should take down Survivor of Another World at least until midnight. No need to get hasty about these things. Just say something like…

    “And be sure to check out our tcgplayer companion ChaosExile for another Power Girl – and for a PG Legend card that certainly makes her 4-drop more impressive.”

    If you want, add another location based card, or effect that puts things on top of the deck.

  2. Power Girl, Kara Zor-L « DCU Previews Says:

    […] Stats-wise, this Power Girl isn’t that impressive.  (Ironic, no?)  When she comes into play, you can rally for a location card.  The odds of successfully rallying for a location card probably aren’t that good in most decks.  But the JSA has ways to stack the deck (see Survivor of Another World: https://dcupreviews.wordpress.com/2008/07/23/power-girl-sole-survivor/). […]

  3. icejaw19 Says:

    Good addition to the JSA. But, if you’re going to use the phenomenal artwork of Adam Hughes, why not make an extended art for the card?


  4. icejaw19 Says:

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