Power Girl, Kara Zor-L


We had a record number of hits on Power Girl day last week.  (I’m sure it had nothing to do with the Adam Hughes art).  However, there was a second Power Girl that was supposed to be previewed that day and never made it.  Here she is:


Stats-wise, this Power Girl isn’t that impressive.  (Ironic, no?)  When she comes into play, you can rally for a location card.  The odds of successfully rallying for a location card probably aren’t that good in most decks.  But the JSA has ways to stack the deck (see Survivor of Another World: https://dcupreviews.wordpress.com/2008/07/23/power-girl-sole-survivor/).

If you are successful, the payoff is pretty darn big.  (It’s hard not to make obvious jokes, but I will resist.)  On offense, you get invulnerability for the turn.  On defense, you get reinforcement.  Odds are, you won’t be taking a whole lot of damage on turn 7!

I’d say Power Girl more than makes up for her statistical short comings.

I’m going to stop now.


2 Responses to “Power Girl, Kara Zor-L”

  1. John Says:

    Umm, you mean you won’t be taking a lot of damage on turn 7, right? Not turn 6.

  2. dclebeau Says:

    Yeah. I was in a rush because we were leaving for the zoo. I should know by now not to write articles when I’m rushing.

    Also, this PG was a 6-drop at one point in development. Thus my confusion.

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