Jay Garrick The Flash, Father Figure


I told you that we would have our first new Flash preview today.  What I didn’t say was that he would be THE first Flash!  Here’s a link to Donnieman’s preview article:


One of the problems we had was that darn near any 6-drop Flash we made was going to pale in comparison to Barry Allen <> The Flash, Founding Member.  So we decided to push the envelope a little.  Now, you’ve got a choice to make.  Do you want to do breakthru?  Do you want to exhaust?  Both cards are great.  I could see an argument for choosing either one over the other.  And that’s exactly what we were going for.


2 Responses to “Jay Garrick The Flash, Father Figure”

  1. icejaw19 Says:

    Too broken if I miss my 6-drop. Even if you can’t swing with Jay Garrick directly, you’ve just cleared my board and can swing with your 4 and 5-drop. VS is supposed to be fun, not overpowered.

    But, at least continue with the trend of using the JSA Alex Ross covers:

  2. icejaw19 Says:

    Let me try that one more time. Here’s the Jay Garrick card with alternate art. I used the JSA cover created by master painter Alex Ross.


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