The Speed Force


This week, we’re focusing on the Speed Force team.  So it seems only appropriate that there should be a card to represent the Speed Force itself:

For those unfamiliar with the Speed Force, it is essentially the source of the speedsters’ powers in the DCU.  It’s kind of like The Force in the Star Wars movies, only different.

During Mark Waid’s run on the Flash, it was revealed that when a speedster ran too fast, he would enter the Speed Force and merge with it.  Retroactively, it was explained, that is what happened to Barry Allen in Crisis on Infinite Earths.  No speedster who had merged with the Speed Force ever returned.

In the Terminal Velocity story (not the Charlie Sheen movie), Wally West first entered the Speed Force.  However, his connection to Linda Park helped to tether him to our reality and he was able to return.  Over time, he pulled this trick a few more times.

Eventually, it became something of a tactic of Wally’s to push his enemies into the Speed Force.  Kind of like the way The Sentry throws enemies into the sun. 

The art on this card depicts Wally’s attempt (with the help of all the other speedsters) to trap Superboy Prime in the Speed Force during Inifinte Crisis.  It worked for a while.  But eventually, everyone made their way back.

You can probably see how that story translates into this card.  What we have here is essentially Red Shift’s power on a location.  From turn 5 on, you can turn the Flash of your choice into Red Shift. 

That means your 3-drop Bart Allen <> Kid Flash from DCL can attack your opponents 5-drop and remove him from the field for the duration of the combat phase!  Sure, they are both coming back.  But that enables your 4 and 5 drops to attack down curve!  All in all, I’d call that a good deal.

Later today, we should have a link to the first new Flash of the set.  And check back tomorrow for more Speed Force goodness.


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