Barry Allen the Flash, Scarlet Streak


I’ve probably mentioned before that I am a Wally West fan.  I mainly know Barry Allen from the Superfriends and any recent stories that featured him.  Oh, and there was that Flash show in the 90s.  I’ve got nothing against the guy, but Wally is my Flash.

I’ve been more than a little irritated with Upper Deck.  In the past, they seem to have passed over Wally in favor of Barry.  I can see why they have given more attention to Hal Jordan than to Kyle Rayner.  Hal came back.  But up until recently, Barry had been on a 20+ year sabatical.

Of course, if you’ve been keeping up with DC Comics, you know that Barry’s sabatical is over.  He’ll be coming back in a big way with Geoff Johns’ Flash: Rebirth mini-series.  So, what better way to celebrate Barry’s return from the Speed Force than with his return to Vs?

This version of Barry is pretty simple.  On his own, he’s just a plain vanilla 4-drop.  (Although any character with the Flash identity is anything but vanilla!)  But, if you are able to ready another character you control, Barry readies too.  No discard needed.

The downside is, he won’t be doing any breakthrough.  If he readies during an attack, he won’t cause breakthrough during that attack or any subsequent attacks.  Also, the power only triggers once per turn.  So, you want to make sure Barry is exhausted when you ready your first character.  Otherwise, his power goes to waste.

Tomorrow, we’ll be wrapping up our look at the Speed Force team!


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