Bart Allen The Flash, Need For Speed


Bart Allen is the George Lazenby of Flashes.  Who’s George Laenby?  Excellent question.  He’s the only actor to play James Bond in only one movie.  Even Timothy Dalton made two.  But Lazenby was the first actor to replace Sean Connery.  And let’s just say he couldn’t fill Connery’s shoes.  In fact, after Lazenby, Connery came back and made Diamonds Are Forever before Roger Moore took over the role.

What?  I’m a 007 fan!

The point is, Bart Allen wasn’t the Flash for very long.  After Wally West got shipped to the Speed Force for the umpteenth time during Inifinte Crisis, Bart returned and took up the mantle.  Sort of.  Ah heck, here’s the card:

Before I move on to discuss the card, I’m going to editorialize a little more.  Feel free to skip ahead.

After Inifinte Crisis, DC’s titles all skipped ahead one year.  Bart got his own title in which he reluctantly took up the mantle of the Flash.  There was some nonesense about the Speed Force residing inside him.  Apparently, Bart knew it would eventually consume him if he continued to tap into it.  The end result was he was a very whiny and nont-very-heroic Flash.

Fortunately, TV Marc Guggenheim eventually took over the book.  As bad as the first story was, Guggenheim’s Flash story is definitely worth reading.  It’s a very poingnant send-off for a character who had a lot of fans back in the day. 

(Potential Spoiler Warning: Hopefully the rumors of a return of the teen-age Bart Allen are true.)

What?  I’m a Flash fan!

On to the card.  If Bart looks familiar, he’s a riff on the 6-drop Inhumans Quicksilver from MTU.  You know, the one that isn’t busted.  That Quicksilver had some advantages on our Bart.  His stats were a bit larger and he was a reservist.  Plus, he didn’t have a discard to use his powers.  But, you had to have a full row of face-up resources for Quicksilver’s power to fire.

The Speed Force isn’t concerned with that “perfect row” nonesense.  Especially in the day and age of The Death of the Dream.  The Speed Force is all about discards.  Following in the footsteps of the DCL Flash legend cards, you’re going to need to have some characters to pitch to get your powers. 

That’s where another one of today’s preview cards, Flash Museum (…/flash-museum/) comes in handy.

Another card Bart is reminiscent of is Barry Allen <>The Flash, Founding Member.  For Barry, the discard was more specific.  You had to discard a character card with the identity the Flash.  For that discard, you got to ready Barry for whatever purpose you liked.

Bart’s ability will allow you to attack twice.  But since the cost is less, it’s a little harder to pull off.  You’ve got to have another character declare an attack.  Then Bart can take his place.  Also, Bart is less likely to run into uniquness issues than Barry.  So, he’s got that going for him.

Well, that wraps up the previews for the Speed Force affiliation.  We haven’t quite seen the last of them.  Look for some spill-over tomorrow as we begin previews for our next team.


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