Flash Museum


The DCU is rough on Flashes.  Seems like every time there’s a big crisis, a Flash dies or at least disappears into teh Speed Force for a while.  With all these Flashes coming and going, the people of Keystone City have a special place to memorialize them.  That place is the Flash Museum:

In game terms, the Flash Museum will help power any Flash legend deck.  First, it will obviously help you hit your curve as you filter through your deck.  Any Flash legend deck will be running plenty of Flashes and should be able to net quite a few cards.

DCL gave the Flashes some powerful legend cards.  But a lot of their better effects required the discard of a character with the identity The Flash.  With the Flash Museum in your resource row, you should have plenty of fuel to power those “flashy” effects.  (*groan*)

This is a fairly simple card.  But it gives the Speed Force exactly what it needs to operate independently of the JLA.  With the Flash Museum and the new Speed Force characters, players will finally be able to build a mono-Speed Force deck!

We’re wrapping up our Speed Force previews today and there will be plenty of bonus cards!  So keep checking back with us!


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