Inertia, Rogue Leader


  Remember yesterday, when I said that we weren’t quite done with the Speed Force previews?  I wasn’t lying.  The Rogues have a lot of history with the various Flashes – some of them even share the Flash’s speed.

  One of those dastardly speedsters is Inertia, an evil clone of Bart Allen – once Impulse, then Kid Flash, then Flash, now dead – and it was Inertia who led the Rogues to break their one rule: never kill a speedster.

  This Inertia isn’t huge.  He isn’t a Leader as we know it.  But this Inertia comes out early and runs away as soon as he convinces one of his allies to kill one of your characters.  Unlike most Finishing Moves, this not only doesn’t cost you any cards, but it actually nets you a card as Inertia comes back to hand as part of the cost.

  But Inertia is important for another reason. He isn’t the only character with the version Rogue Leader, and one Rogue we’ve seen already, over at Carebugger’s excellent blog, has the version Cold’s Rogues.  One story that influenced the design of this set heavily was Geoff John’s The Flash: Rogue War, and you’ll see that more and more as the previews continue this week, and one theme of The Rogues is revealed: the importance of a character’s version.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend preview for today.  Inertia doesn’t hit hard, but he does hit you where it hurts, and he doesn’t like to stick around for punishment, either.  Keep checking back for updates, and have a great weekend!


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