Blacksmith, Blacksmith’s Rogues


Well, there are still a few Rogues left that are dual-affiliated with Speed Force – including The Rogues finisher, and bonus points to whoever guesses that one.  But, yesterday I mentioned the importance of version to The Rogues, and I thought today I’d give you a card that went along with that theme more directly.

When things got bad for the Rogues, they split.  Some reformed willingly, others were brainwashed, but the Rogues as we knew it were gone.  Still, all was not well for the Flash, because a new villain took it upon herself to make his life a living hell.

Blacksmith has the ability to reshape and merge with metal, making her a tough lady to bring down.  But the Rogues had more than enough firepower behind them – what they needed was a focus.  Blacksmith provided that focus.

She began her career running The Network, a black market/hide-away for the more villainous elements of Central and Keystone cities, but she moved on from there to dreams of conquest.  To those ends she gathered together remaining Rogues, some old hands, others still new to the game, and formed them into a cohesive unit.

Blacksmith’s card here – and apologies about the text-boxes, we’ve only recently found a decent picture of her that wasn’t loaded down with them – is meant to demonstrate that portion of Blacksmith’s career, as she forms her own group of Rogues, creating new alliances.  You can drop Blacksmith on 2 if you want to, but her real power comes as a plot twist, allowing you to remove her from the game and discard another character card to fetch a character, from any team, that shares a version with your discard.

Blacksmith isn’t The Rogues only tutor, though she just might be the best, and the fact that she is herself easily searchable by cards such as Mobilize make her a useful card.

And join me tomorrow as I replace (not for long, I hope) lebeau to discuss a little bit more about the design behind the Rogues.  ‘Til then, enjoy!


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