The Top, Reformed Rogue


Hey guys,

Nope, I’m not back yet.  I’m just posting Speedy92286’s preview article here for him since he doesn’t have a blog of his own.  Enjoy!


Yes, I know why you are even reading this–you want your preview card! Well, here it is!

Ok, I know little to nothing about this character, so I went to Wikipedia. And well, it seems they also know little to nothing about this character too.  Not very helpful if I want to give a backround story, now is it? The only thing available  is the bare basics, like his powers and what villianous activities he has done. That’s all well and good, but there is barely
anything here! Well, anything recent. Everything seems to be from Identity Crisis and then an attempt at becoming leader of the Rogues.

What are his powers you may ask? Well, think of his name. He is able to spin really fast. This will be extremely corny if there wasn’t a benefit to this. While spinning, he gains several abilities he cannot even begin to fathom when not becoming a human top. He gains telepathy,
telekentic powers, and, this is a real kick, he becomes smarter! Everything stems from his increased brain power.

With that in mind, let’s get back to the card. His ability states that whenever he enters combat(attacking and defending) you may ditch a card to draw three more. Let me say that again for those who cannot comphrend what was just stated–YOU DITCH ONE TO GET THREE. Even if you failed math in high school, you can understand that 1-3=+2.

Now that we understand the power of this guy, let’s try to imagine what he can do. If you are running this guy at all, you are either running straight-up curve, or stall. Either way, this guy helps out immensely. Are you trying to squeeze out that last pump to ensure the game? Or maybe you are trying to get out  your win condition–maybe a Gamma bomb, Galactus, whatever. It doesn’t really matter. THREE CARDS FOR ONE!

So far every card I seen is very good, and fills in a strategy for their team and beyond–which is ideal for crossovers. Do you want to use him in Anti-matter? Go head! I’ve seen several cards in this set that can improve this team and two revealed legends. The only question remaining now is if he is worth using in constructed, especially since the sevens already revealed are deadly in their own way. I have not seen any other of the Rogues, but if this card is any inditcation, they will not disappoint.

I am proud to have given my first VS preview! Even though it is for a fantasy set, I could not be more honored. See you guys next time, when I tackle one of my favorite comic characters ever, and hope that this shot at a legend can compete with the rest, and not a dead strategy.


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