The Rogues and Suicide Squad – The Story Behind the Cards


Lebeau here.

I’m just sneaking in with a little behind-the-scenes stuff for you guys this morning.  Seventh Soldier will be back to continue the previews for the Suicide Squad.  And he’ll be with you next week for another team he designed (which is one of the better designs in the set, in my opinion).

Anyway, now seemed like a good time for a little interlude regarding the teams included in the set.  All of the teams who made the cut were somehow connected to one of the major storylines running through the DCU over the last year or so.  Sinestro Corp was a big one.  Countdown (unfortunately) was another major influence.  And we discussed the Lightning Saga with regards to the JSA and the Speed Force.

The Rogues were included partly because we couldn’t do the Speed Force without also including The Rogues.  But the Rogues also had a big year in terms of story.  They killed Bart Allen.  They got sent into space in Salvation Run.  And Piper and Trickster got put through the (agonizing) paces in Countdown.

Yes, I hated Countdown. 

The story behind the Suicide Squad is a little less clear.  I’m not sure the rest of the design team knows this, but they kind of got included by accident.

Originally, there were other teams on the roster.  The New Gods and Darkseid’s Elite were there to tie into Death of the New Gods and Countdown.  We were going to try to squeeze in some Legionnaires to tie into the Lightning Saga.  And we were going to give a little space to the Gotham Knights and the League of Assassins to tie into the Resurrection of Ra’s al Guhl.

(Some of the cards we designed for those cut teams will actually appear in the set as legacy or generic support cards.  Others got put on hold in case we do a follow-up project.  So, keep an eye out for all that goodness.)

Back to Suicide Squad, they weren’t on the list.  Not at all.  In the back of my mind, I thought it would be nice to find some room for them.  But I knew we were short on space.

Somehow, in all the different changes the set went through, they got put on a list.  It was an accident.  But there they were, staring us in the face.

The more I looked at them, the more they seemed like they belonged.  Certainly, they fit thematically with The Rogues.  The two teams share some members.  You’ve already seen some dual affiliation between the Rogues and the Suicide Squad.

Also, the Suicide Squad was operating in the background of some of the stories we were featuring.  They are there in Salvation Run.  They were pursuing the Rogues in Countdown.  And they had their own mini-series during the same time.

(As a bonus, the Squad also made appearances in another big storyline that became more and more influential in the set design as time went on.  But more on that in the last week of previews.)

Ultimately, the timing just felt right.  It was unlikely that there would be a better time to include the Squad at a later date.  And all those cosmic teams seemed like they would fit together better at another time.  So, they got the boot and the Squad snuck into the line-up.

That sounds like something Amanda Waller and her team would do in the comics.


2 Responses to “The Rogues and Suicide Squad – The Story Behind the Cards”

  1. Ra's Al Cool Says:

    You had Ra’s in this set and didn’t give me that to preview!?! That’s totally crazy!

  2. dclebeau Says:

    Well, Ra’s didn’t make the final cut. Unfortunately. But there is some LoA content. You already saw the DA Suicide Squad/LoA Bronze Tiger. And there is a GK/LoA DA character that is just crazy!

    I may be forgetting some things, but there is at least one location that was supposed to be LoA team stamped that got made into a generic support card. I think it’ll fit nicely into any LoA deck.

    But no new Ra’s. Not this time anyway. If we ever do make one, I’ll make sure to send it your way 🙂

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