Black Flash


We’re in the home stretch now.  Next week, we’ll wrap things up with the Suicide Squad and move on to the last team featured in the set.  Then, we’ll have one final week of odd-and-ends; legacy cards and generic support cards.  Today, I’m going to take the opportunity to post a few previews that missed their original posting date for whatever reason.  The first card on our list is the finisher for both the Rogues and the Speed Force:

If you’re not familiar with the Black Flash, he is essentially the personification of death for Speedsters.  Much like the Black Racer represents death for the New Gods.  Before entering the Speed Force for the final time, speedsters will often see the Black Flash racing to meet them.  Most recently, the Black Flash came for Bart Allen.

Moving on to the card, let’s take this line-by-line.  First of all, the Black Flash is not a Flash.  He can’t be disgarded to pay for effects that require you to discard a character card with the identity The Flash.  But once he gets into play, he has all the benefits of any other Flash card on an 8-drop body.  He can be readied by Full Throttle and he can attack players directly with Terminal Velocity.

But wait!  There’s more.  No one can escape death.  So, the Black Flash can attack hidden and protected characters as well.

I saved the best for last.  Whenever another character readies, The Black Flash KO’s them.  Yes, he gets your own characters too.  So, be careful about readying any other speedsters you control.  But think about the board wipeage!  If he’s out on the board with Wally West, Lightning Strike (, you can pretty much negate one attack and KO all attackers!

Let’s say things go badly and Black Flash gets stunned.  If you recover him, he still KO’s every other character that readies.  Without any tricks.  He more or less KO’s anyone who exhausted during the turn unless they can prevent themselves from readying during the recovery phase.

He’s just that dang good.

Frankly, I don’t think many Speed Force decks are going to need Black Flash.  With all the tools at their disposal, they most likely will have won or lost before turn 8.  But the Rogues will love this guy.  As you have seen, the Rogues have a strong stall strategy.


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