Deadshot, Crackshot and Fatal Shot


Speedy92286 continues the Deadshot theme with a two-fer:


Hey, everyone! Welcome to my second ever VS and DC Universe preview! Last time, you saw The Top during the week or two the Rogues got. This time around, I get to preview a card of one of my favorite DC Villains and comic characters all together. Who is this, mayhaps? The one, the only, Deadshot! If you don’t know who he is, just go read Gail Simone’s Secret Six. It is damn good, and you can get an idea of Deadshot. Or, read Suicide Squad. Whatever floats your boat.

Ok, before I get to the “real” preview, I asked Leb if I could get an actual Deadshot character. This way, I can see if there are any combos available between the Deadshots in this set, and the plot twist I was assigned. Luckily, he was kind enough, which I am grateful for, and gave me one of the two Deadshots that are released in this awesome fan-made set.

Without further or due, here he is:

I LOVE this card. Great art, first of all—which is good, for that is what grabs my attention first. The second thing I would like to point your attention to are his stats. Look closely, and you’ll see what I mean. At first I thought he was a 2/1 with range, as those are pretty common for a 1-drop. Heh, but no, Mister Deadshot is entirely awesome, so he gets 3/1, instead. I wouldn’t care if he was a 0/0 with his ability, but the fact he can take out 2-drops without a sweat if needed is just too good to ignore. Oh, and he is never useless even after the first few turns. So far, he is the only legend I’ve seen that can recycle itself. What I mean is that you can keep this bad boy hidden until the next drop comes out, and before you hit him, bounce him back to grant one of your guys a +3 boost. Amazing? I believe so!

Ok, enough about the bonus card I was given. Now to present the real treat! A Deadshot support card!

My first reaction? Deadshot legends? And I get to preview it? YES! My second reaction? This card is nearly broken, but is balanced enough to just be insanely good. With two of the three Deadshots now available (at least online) you can just exhaust him from the concealed area once several stunned characters are on your opponent’s side of the field, and just do a massive board wipe. Sadly, this takes out your guys two, thus evening it out quite a bit, and makes you have to think hard when to play this. Should you attack everything you see for single and double stuns, then just exhaust your 1-drop and laugh in your opponent’s face? Or maybe even a control deck where out-of-combat stuns are possible, meaning very little work for you? Both are plausible, just different strokes for different folks. And yes, this card cannot be Pathetic Attempted, so I hope this idea never pops into someone’s mind.

I already thought of some combos with this card, but the one that sticks out the most is some kind of Negative Zone deck with 2-drop Deadshot from Infinite Crisis. Why? He is concealed, and by exhausting a character cost 3 or less during the build phase, you may bring him into play for free! Discard him for a Negative Zone and just bring him into play! Not only that, but since Negative Zone has a strong stunning out-of-combat theme, he works perfectly—taking out whoever you wish at any point in time with his support card. Yes, I know, Negative Zone has a location that does almost the same thing. The only problem is, people can replace it, somehow exhaust the guy you wished to keep ready, or find other ways to mess you up. I say run both, it’s not like it hurts. Quite the contrary, it helps more than you think.

Here’s a quick list in case anyone is curious.

Characters: 29
4x Cammi
2x Army guys

3x Skeet
3x Dead Shot

4x Blade

4x Bullseye

4x Annilius(I could never spell his name right)

3x Ravenous

2x Blastaar

Plot twists:14
4x Fatal Shot
4x Swarm of Ann
2x Ann replace card
4x Invasion Plans

Location: 17

Have fun! Enjoy the previews! Oh, and if you rather use the 1-drop Deadshot, just take out Cammi! If you’re curious about the drops and such, just post on the thread and I’ll do my best to explain. Till next time, when I show the newest member of Gail Simone’s hit run, Secret Six. Anyone who knows the answer gets serious rep, and a cookie of their choice.


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