Suicide Squad Design


Amanda Waller’s team, the Suicide Squad, is one that, as Lebeau said, was snuck into the set.  They had been a part of a number of events we were referencing – specifically 52 and Salvation Run – and so, when we realized that we had space left, rather than making a few of the teams bigger, we instead decided to add a ‘mini-team’ – the Suicide Squad.  Unlike most mini-teams, though, the Squad has a full curve from 1-7, with multiple characters at each drop.  

It was hard to come up with a theme for the Squad.  Hidden beats seemed to be natural, but with IG-Hidden having just rocked the tourney scene when the team was being made and almost no hidden-hate available, it seemed like a bad idea to make them too hardcore beatdown.  Still, concealed fit the team, definitely, so brainstorming began.

One theme that we see pop up every few sets is the ‘Single Visible Guy’ theme from Hellfire and Hellboy, and the more I thought about it, the more I thought that fit the Squad.  There would be modifications.  The Suicide Squad doesn’t send someone visible because the person is strong enough to take it, and they aren’t supporting them from the side-lines – when the Squad sends you to the front lines, they’re sending you to your death to buy them some time.

So, the Squad plays those themes, but with some twists.  Some of their characters punish opponents for attacking you directly, like Electrocutioner (c’mon Wolverine, Agent of SHIELD – swing to my face!).  Some excel at getting out of those tight spots, like Bronze Tiger.  And Amanda Waller, the rogue Queen of Checkmate, won’t let any asset leave the board until she’s long done with ’em.  The team doesn’t beat nearly as hard as the Injustice Gang, but they don’t have the resources of the Injustice Gang, either.  

Tomorrow begins previews for the set’s final team, though you can get a brief preview of one of our most wonderful new teams over at right now, thanks to our friend StaticCat.  Head over there and check it out, or wait until tomorrow for a new preview right here at your DCU Previews HQ.



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