Grace, Of the Bana-Mighdall


In case you didn’t notice with Kara Zor-El, there just might be a little legacy love to be found on Themyscira.  A number of heroes and heroines have joined Wonder Woman’s Amazons, for one reason or another, including The Outsiders own Grace Choi.

I mentioned in an earlier article that Themyscira has a small army theme.  Well, they have a number of non-army characters that work best when they join the war, and Grace Choi, never afraid of a scrap, is one of them.  Grace first learned of her Amazon heritage when she was recruited in Amazons Attack, and she’s had a bond with Wonder Woman ever since, extending to when they teamed up in an Outsiders special as part of a test by Batman.

Grace is a large, powerful woman, but despite her attitude, she’s a team player, and here we see her, getting bigger and badder as she works to help out the smaller guys, making her obviously useful in an army build.

That said, she’s also massively effective in the traditional Outsiders build.  On any give turn past 4-5, the Outsiders will often have a board full of smaller characters, depending on one massive team-attack and a few extra abilities to get the stuns, and Grace will definitely help you get the numbers you need to hit their highest drops, or to keep in reserve for a last, single attack.

I hope you continue to enjoy Themyscira, and keep an eye out for the end of the week previews, when we introduce you to some pretty amazing legacy content!


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