Nanda Parbat


I mentioned previously that certain storylines that were originally supposed to be featured in DCU got pushed to the side during the development process.  The Resurrection of Ra’s al Ghul was never going to be a big part of the set as both the Gotham Knights and the League of Assassins have been featured recently.  But, we did design a handful of cards for both teams to tie into that storyline.

As I indicated in my Suicide Squad article, some of those cards made it into the set anyway.  You’ve already seen Batman, Always Prepared (  Frankly, we all liked this card (designed by Throatini) too much to cut it regardless of the content of the set.  And I previewed Batmobile, Tank ( way back when The Dark Knight was new in theaters.

One of the cards that was designed for the League of Assassins was the location, Nanda Parbat.  When you see the card, you’ll see how it fits nicely into the LoA’s strategy.  However, since we weren’t including much in the way of LoA’s characters (there are a few, though) we decided it would be best to remove the team stamp.  Here’s a look at the final product:

For those who are unfamilar with Nanda Parbat, it is a mythical place who’s exact location is unkown to most.  It’s inhabitants are immune to disease and aging.  During 52, Renee Montoya brought the Question to Nanda Parbat in an attempt to cure his cancer.  In the Resurrection of Ra’s al Ghul, the League of Assassins stormed Nanda Parbat as part of their successful attempt to bring back their leader.

Like the city in the comics, Nanda Parbat prevents characters from dying.  All characters.  At least until you decide to leave it’s mystical boundaries by allowing it to be replaced.  Then, all bets are off.

Obviously, this plays well into the League’s Lazarus Pit strategy.  Any team that likes to maintain stunned characters on the board (Underworld, Morlocks) will also like Nanda Parbat.  It lets you keep your guys on the field until you’ve recovered them or used them to fuel some other effect.  And even though the same benefit is extended to your opponent, they don’t get to decide when to turn it off.

Nanda Parbat isn’t mean to be a staple card that you splash in every deck.  But it is a card that will help to support some unusual strategies.  Tomorrow, I’ll preview another support card that operates in a similar vein.


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