Donna Troy, Honorary Amazon


Hey there.  I couldn’t help but sneak in just one last preview for one of my favorite teams from the set – Themyscira.  Donna Troy, like Supergirl, has the potential to gain the abilities of her namesake, which is a pretty potent ability given the suite of legendary cards available to Superman and Wonder Woman, but she’s powerful in her own right with her cosmic – surge ability to spread the counter-love around as you wish.  Her 8 defense helps keep her unstunned for her Surge ability to kick in, but more than that, access to cards like Fury of the Amazons or another Wonder Woman legendary plot twist from this set ensure that she’ll be around to get her counter.

Donna is also one of the few Challengers characters in the set.  Don’t worry – there aren’t any Challengers characters with no other affiliations in the set.  Not this time, at least.  Instead, Donna is a Themyscira character who does a little moonlighting with Kyle Rayner, in one of the many Countdown nods in the set.  

It’s a brief article, but I hope you enjoy the card!


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