Hello all.  SeventhSoldier here, going behind the back of the other fine designers to give you something to look forward to in the face of the New Year – a little news on DFC!

Yes, friends, the set will be largely based around The Day Evil Won, giving us a chance to revisit a few teams… but the story is far too large to be contained in a single set, and there’s more going on in the wide world of the DC Universe, and so we aren’t quite limiting ourselves to just the events of Final Crisis to pull inspiration from.  One example of this would be Shadowpact, one of the main refeatures of the set.  Have you heard?  There’s a war going on in Hell, and the mystic community of DC has found itself steeped in corruption and trying to make the most of the worst Hell has to offer.  So, expect to see some pretty potent spell-slinging in the set (and maybe a minor legend or two that you didn’t expect!).

But in case that doesn’t quite do it for you, I’ll also point this out: Batman sure has been having a hard time, lately, huh?  I mean, all sorts of stuff has been going on over there….

Besides a few of the obvious refeatures (and a few of the surprise ones I’ve mentioned here) you might just be seeing the premiere of one or two brand spankin’ new mini-teams.

So, that’s all for now.  This was just a New Year’s message for you all, so I hope you’ve enjoyed it, however brief it may have been.  With hope, I’ll be able to sneak in a more hearty spoiler or two sometime pretty soon!


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