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The Finished Set – To The Onlines!

August 26, 2008

Not to detract from the finished set post…

But it’s time for the DCU experience you’ve been waiting for!

This is Guglio, and I’m here to give you guys the closest thing you’ll ever get to real life DCU.

I’ll also walk you through how to add this to your main base of cards.

Sadly, this set is only for Magic Workstation. I do not own OCTGN, so if you want DCU on that thing, you’ll need to find an independant source to do it. My apologies on this one.

Start by downloading the file from here:

Make sure to save it to C: > Program Files > Magic Workstation > Custom Sets

Open up MWS, hit View at the top, and select library view. Then, on the top half, open up your VS.mwbase, or whatever you called it. On the bottom half, open up DCU.mwSet. Right click anywhere on the bottom half (should see the DCU cards) and select “select all cards.” Then, right click again and hit “copy.” Click somewhere on the top half and right click, hitting “paste.” This may take several seconds.

Now, when you see Zamaron (should be the last card in the set, but what it shows you may be different), go to file and hit “Save Deck / Library As” and save over your original Vs.mwBase. Make sure what you are saving over is the original Vs.mwBase, NOT the DCU.mwSet.