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Playtesting DFC, Printing DCU

February 2, 2009

Hey all,

There is some great stuff going on with the Final Crisis set.  Let me tell you, the guys are playtesting the heck out of it!  It’s really exciting to see. 

I thought I’d respond to this comment from my last post on the main page in case anyone had similar questions:

Ryan Says: February 2, 2009 at 6:29 am edit Can you please explain to me where if possible can I find DCU? I joined pretty late in the game and I simply love it.

Glad you like DCU, Ryan!  There’s actually a lot of ways to enjoy DCU.  If you want to play on-line, please see Guglio’s post here. If you just want the raw card images, they are housed here. I’ve heard of people putting them into different types of documents and printing them up.

Speaking of which, Ike E Bear at VsRealms has posted the cards in PDF version here. Thanks, Ike. I’m sure a lot of people will appreciate the effort.


Quotes from Ben Seck

January 28, 2009

Was a DC Universe set ever in the works?

One of my biggest regrets is that I didn’t get to helm a set with two of my favorite DC heroes, the Flash and Green Lantern. Initially the set after MUN was going to be called “Brave and the Bold” an homage to the GL /Flash teammups of the Silver Age, and focus on Green Lantern, Speed Force, Rogue’s Gallery, and Anti-Matter (in the form of the Sinestro Corps). You can see this with the addition of RG as a secondary affiliation in DCL and the symbol of Anti-Matter being the Sinestro Corps logo. Also what turned out to be the keyword Energize was initially going to be “Super Speed” if this set went ahead.

What were some storylines that you really wish you could have made into VS sets?

As I said before, I’m a DC fanboy, and I would have liked to see Sinestro Corps out officially (though I love the fan set btw) as well as Terminal Velocity from the Flash books.


I’ve always thought TBS was one hell of a guy!  This seals the deal.

The Future

January 28, 2009

By now you’ve probably seen the news.  If not, see this announcement from Upper Deck.

Well, this obviously isn’t a surprise.  But I am surprised just how sad it makes me to see the official announcement.  This is a damn shame.  Yeah, the writing has been on the wall for a long time.  But it’s sad news nonetheless.

Is Vs. dead?  No.  The fans will keep the game alive.  People will continue playing with the cards Upper Deck released.  And we will continue to provide new content.

The original DCU project started in response to the announcement that there would be no new DC content for Vs.  Now that there will be no new official content for Vs, the guys on the project have re-dedicated themselves to the idea of putting out top-flight fan-made content.

What can you expect from us?  You’ll get the best fan-made sets we can deliver.  DCU was fun, but it wasn’t polished enough.  Our next set, DFC, will be better.  We’ve been hard at work on it for months.  Currently, we are knee-deep in playtesting to make sure this set stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the best sets Upper Deck ever released.

I can’t tell you exactly when DFC will be released.  I do not want to put it out there unfinished like we did with DCU.  But we will give you updates here as they become available.

After DFC, the future’s a little less certain.  We may branch out into Marvel content.  We’ll probably take on a few new team members as we ramp up our output.  And, I’d like to go back and polish DCU someday.  Whatever the future holds,  you can count on us to provide new Vs. content.

The game will not die as long as the fans want to continue playing it.


December 28, 2008

Hello all.  SeventhSoldier here, going behind the back of the other fine designers to give you something to look forward to in the face of the New Year – a little news on DFC!

Yes, friends, the set will be largely based around The Day Evil Won, giving us a chance to revisit a few teams… but the story is far too large to be contained in a single set, and there’s more going on in the wide world of the DC Universe, and so we aren’t quite limiting ourselves to just the events of Final Crisis to pull inspiration from.  One example of this would be Shadowpact, one of the main refeatures of the set.  Have you heard?  There’s a war going on in Hell, and the mystic community of DC has found itself steeped in corruption and trying to make the most of the worst Hell has to offer.  So, expect to see some pretty potent spell-slinging in the set (and maybe a minor legend or two that you didn’t expect!).

But in case that doesn’t quite do it for you, I’ll also point this out: Batman sure has been having a hard time, lately, huh?  I mean, all sorts of stuff has been going on over there….

Besides a few of the obvious refeatures (and a few of the surprise ones I’ve mentioned here) you might just be seeing the premiere of one or two brand spankin’ new mini-teams.

So, that’s all for now.  This was just a New Year’s message for you all, so I hope you’ve enjoyed it, however brief it may have been.  With hope, I’ll be able to sneak in a more hearty spoiler or two sometime pretty soon!

The Finished Set – To The Onlines!

August 26, 2008

Not to detract from the finished set post…

But it’s time for the DCU experience you’ve been waiting for!

This is Guglio, and I’m here to give you guys the closest thing you’ll ever get to real life DCU.

I’ll also walk you through how to add this to your main base of cards.

Sadly, this set is only for Magic Workstation. I do not own OCTGN, so if you want DCU on that thing, you’ll need to find an independant source to do it. My apologies on this one.

Start by downloading the file from here:

Make sure to save it to C: > Program Files > Magic Workstation > Custom Sets

Open up MWS, hit View at the top, and select library view. Then, on the top half, open up your VS.mwbase, or whatever you called it. On the bottom half, open up DCU.mwSet. Right click anywhere on the bottom half (should see the DCU cards) and select “select all cards.” Then, right click again and hit “copy.” Click somewhere on the top half and right click, hitting “paste.” This may take several seconds.

Now, when you see Zamaron (should be the last card in the set, but what it shows you may be different), go to file and hit “Save Deck / Library As” and save over your original Vs.mwBase. Make sure what you are saving over is the original Vs.mwBase, NOT the DCU.mwSet.


The Finished Set

August 25, 2008

Well, gang, this is it.  After many months of hard work, the DCU set is ready to be unveiled.  You can see the whole thing right here:

Once you’ve had a chance to review the final product in all it’s glory, I hope you’ll come back and read a few parting words.

First of all, I have a lot of people I need to thank.

Guglio.  Guglio didn’t write a lot of preview articles, but he was one of the primary designers of the set.  He’s the guy who came up with the “pay willpower” strategy that was used for the Emerald Enemies.  He did the initial designs for Green Lanterns, EE, Anti-Matter, Manhunters (the surprise team!) and Speed Force.  He also did initial designs for some teams that didn’t make the set but will be included later.  His work can also be seen in the unaffiliated, support and legacy cards.  Plus, he’s the guy who made all the cards look so good.  He’s the guy with the photoshop skills!  Every time we needed to make changes, Guglio did all the work.  And it was a lot of work!

SeventhSoldier – S7 was also there from the beginning.  He did the initial designs for The Rogues, Suicide Squad, and Themyscria.  He also did a lot of the unaffiliated, support and legacy cards.  SeventhSoldier, Guglio and I had a hand in every card in the set.  It’s really hard for me to separate who did what beyong the initial designs.

Captainspud – Spud was around early on and gave us some great guidance.  He was actually unavailable for much of the development of the set.  But, while previews have been going on, he has helped us review the set with fresh eyes.  His contributions and fixes have been invaluable.

Onyxweapon – Gave us our home base and contributed to several designs.  If you like the Superboy Prime stuff, you’ve got him to thank for it/

Throatini – He designed one of the most popular legacy cards in the set (Batman, Always Prepared) and helped with a number of other cards.  Especially the Gotham and League of Assassins stuff.

Vader – Vader had a hand in several of the early designs.  A number of the support cards are 100% his design.

Thugee Trainee – TT was an early contributor as well.

In addition to the contributors to the set, I need to thank everyone who wrote preview articles.  I’m taking this list from our schedule.  So, if I miss anyone, my apologies:

Cliff + HomerJ (The Ring Has Chosen)


TheDeranged Bear


KakuFan –


The Don Supes

Herald of Doom
Ra’s Al Cool

Carlos the Dwarf

YGO Daedalus

Whew!  That’s a long list.  All of us who worked on the set were amazed by the outpouring of support from the Vs. community.  A lot of work went into this project and you guys made it all worth while.  Thanks so much!

Thanks also to Upper Deck and the development team for making such a great game.  And to DC Comics for creating such great source material (Amazons Attack and Countdown excluded!)  Now, let’s get together and settle our differences so a real DCU set can be released!

Thanks to our friends and families who were patient when we were devoting so much time to something that some might view as a trivial pursuit.

And thanks to you guys for caring about an unofficial set.  We did it all for you guys!

I’m sure I’m missing someone, but that’s what the edit feature is for.  Let me know who I missed and I’ll add them in later 🙂

For those of you who have read through all my ramblings, I have an announcement to make.  The design team is already hard at work on a follow-up to DCU.  It’s going to be themed to DC’s current epic, Final Crisis.  We’re still in the early development stages, but you can look forward to seeing the return of the New Gods, Darkseid’s Elite, the Legionnaires and the Future Foes among others.

With everything we learned from DCU, I promise, this set will be superior.

Now that DCU is available for all to see, updates here will be less frequest.  But we will still be posting some design articles.  There will be updates regarding on-line play as well as the occassional teaser about Final Crisis.  So, keep checking back.

Jay Garrick Extended Art

August 24, 2008

This Alex Ross extended art card comes from Icejaw19:

That’s it for today’s extended art features.  If anyone else has any extended art or alt art cards they want to see featured here, send them to me and I’ll be happy to post them!

Extended Art-O-Rama

August 24, 2008

These extended art cards comr to you courtesy of Mechachu at Vs. Realms:

These look fantastic!  Thanks for sending them for us to share!

One Year Later

August 22, 2008

It feels like it’s been a year since we started these previews.  But they are finally coming to a close.  As we wrap things up, Evolution’s Peak brings you a preview of one of my favorite cards in the set:

Ivy Town

August 21, 2008

YGO Daedalus brings you Ivy Town, the home of Ray Palmer over at – enjoy!