The Finished Set

August 25, 2008 by

Well, gang, this is it.  After many months of hard work, the DCU set is ready to be unveiled.  You can see the whole thing right here:

Once you’ve had a chance to review the final product in all it’s glory, I hope you’ll come back and read a few parting words.

First of all, I have a lot of people I need to thank.

Guglio.  Guglio didn’t write a lot of preview articles, but he was one of the primary designers of the set.  He’s the guy who came up with the “pay willpower” strategy that was used for the Emerald Enemies.  He did the initial designs for Green Lanterns, EE, Anti-Matter, Manhunters (the surprise team!) and Speed Force.  He also did initial designs for some teams that didn’t make the set but will be included later.  His work can also be seen in the unaffiliated, support and legacy cards.  Plus, he’s the guy who made all the cards look so good.  He’s the guy with the photoshop skills!  Every time we needed to make changes, Guglio did all the work.  And it was a lot of work!

SeventhSoldier – S7 was also there from the beginning.  He did the initial designs for The Rogues, Suicide Squad, and Themyscria.  He also did a lot of the unaffiliated, support and legacy cards.  SeventhSoldier, Guglio and I had a hand in every card in the set.  It’s really hard for me to separate who did what beyong the initial designs.

Captainspud – Spud was around early on and gave us some great guidance.  He was actually unavailable for much of the development of the set.  But, while previews have been going on, he has helped us review the set with fresh eyes.  His contributions and fixes have been invaluable.

Onyxweapon – Gave us our home base and contributed to several designs.  If you like the Superboy Prime stuff, you’ve got him to thank for it/

Throatini – He designed one of the most popular legacy cards in the set (Batman, Always Prepared) and helped with a number of other cards.  Especially the Gotham and League of Assassins stuff.

Vader – Vader had a hand in several of the early designs.  A number of the support cards are 100% his design.

Thugee Trainee – TT was an early contributor as well.

In addition to the contributors to the set, I need to thank everyone who wrote preview articles.  I’m taking this list from our schedule.  So, if I miss anyone, my apologies:

Cliff + HomerJ (The Ring Has Chosen)


TheDeranged Bear


KakuFan –


The Don Supes

Herald of Doom
Ra’s Al Cool

Carlos the Dwarf

YGO Daedalus

Whew!  That’s a long list.  All of us who worked on the set were amazed by the outpouring of support from the Vs. community.  A lot of work went into this project and you guys made it all worth while.  Thanks so much!

Thanks also to Upper Deck and the development team for making such a great game.  And to DC Comics for creating such great source material (Amazons Attack and Countdown excluded!)  Now, let’s get together and settle our differences so a real DCU set can be released!

Thanks to our friends and families who were patient when we were devoting so much time to something that some might view as a trivial pursuit.

And thanks to you guys for caring about an unofficial set.  We did it all for you guys!

I’m sure I’m missing someone, but that’s what the edit feature is for.  Let me know who I missed and I’ll add them in later 🙂

For those of you who have read through all my ramblings, I have an announcement to make.  The design team is already hard at work on a follow-up to DCU.  It’s going to be themed to DC’s current epic, Final Crisis.  We’re still in the early development stages, but you can look forward to seeing the return of the New Gods, Darkseid’s Elite, the Legionnaires and the Future Foes among others.

With everything we learned from DCU, I promise, this set will be superior.

Now that DCU is available for all to see, updates here will be less frequest.  But we will still be posting some design articles.  There will be updates regarding on-line play as well as the occassional teaser about Final Crisis.  So, keep checking back.


Jay Garrick Extended Art

August 24, 2008 by

This Alex Ross extended art card comes from Icejaw19:

That’s it for today’s extended art features.  If anyone else has any extended art or alt art cards they want to see featured here, send them to me and I’ll be happy to post them!

Extended Art-O-Rama

August 24, 2008 by

These extended art cards comr to you courtesy of Mechachu at Vs. Realms:

These look fantastic!  Thanks for sending them for us to share!

One Year Later

August 22, 2008 by

It feels like it’s been a year since we started these previews.  But they are finally coming to a close.  As we wrap things up, Evolution’s Peak brings you a preview of one of my favorite cards in the set:

Ivy Town

August 21, 2008 by

YGO Daedalus brings you Ivy Town, the home of Ray Palmer over at – enjoy!

Donna Troy, Honorary Amazon

August 21, 2008 by

Hey there.  I couldn’t help but sneak in just one last preview for one of my favorite teams from the set – Themyscira.  Donna Troy, like Supergirl, has the potential to gain the abilities of her namesake, which is a pretty potent ability given the suite of legendary cards available to Superman and Wonder Woman, but she’s powerful in her own right with her cosmic – surge ability to spread the counter-love around as you wish.  Her 8 defense helps keep her unstunned for her Surge ability to kick in, but more than that, access to cards like Fury of the Amazons or another Wonder Woman legendary plot twist from this set ensure that she’ll be around to get her counter.

Donna is also one of the few Challengers characters in the set.  Don’t worry – there aren’t any Challengers characters with no other affiliations in the set.  Not this time, at least.  Instead, Donna is a Themyscira character who does a little moonlighting with Kyle Rayner, in one of the many Countdown nods in the set.  

It’s a brief article, but I hope you enjoy the card!

Damian al Ghul, Son of the Bat

August 20, 2008 by

Flotown previews a handy Gotham Knights/League of Assassins legacy card:

Supernova, Hidden Identity

August 20, 2008 by

One of the main forces behind the DCU set, Guglio, brings you a hot 52-themed preview:

Bane, Back-breaker

August 20, 2008 by

Speedy92286 previews a legend card that also fits in with the Suicide Squad:

(Any Bane fans out there may want to check out the new Secret Six on-going series!)

Rip Hunter, Protector of the Time Line

August 19, 2008 by

Of all the previews I’ve written for DCU, this is the one I was looking forward to the most.  Here’s the card:

Through absolutely no planning that I was aware of, the unaffiliated characters in the set started to take on a 52-related theme.  Once I saw the line-up that we had going, I wanted to include Mr. Hunter.  Sadly, I did not have room for his infamous chalkboard.  But maybe we’ll have room for that in a later set.

Rip Hunter is a time traveler.  More specifically, he’s a time cop.  He’s devoted his life to protecting the time stream.  If someone starts mucking about with time, Rip will work to set things right.  He operates in secret.  No one knows his real identity (though readers of the excellent Booster Gold series recently discovered it.)  So, naturally he’s concealed.

I started off looking at different effects that simulated time travel in Vs.  There’s a lot of card draw or search effects.  I also looked at Time Trapper from the Future Foes.  I always thought it was a shame he didn’t see more play.  So, I decided to go a similar route.

Thematically, searching your deck represents mucking about with the timeline.  Maybe your opponent wasn’t meant to hit a certain drop.  But, through manipulation of the time stream, now he has.  Rip can’t negate that outright.  But he can dive into the time stream himself and take countermeasures to set things right.

Pretty flavorful, no?

At a 2/3, Rip isn’t going to contribute a lot to a fight.  But his power triggers every time an opponent searches.  And he’s not restricted by things like team-stamping.  If an opponent searches for a character with concealed, Rip can go and look for any character concealed or otherwise.  If an opponent searches for a location with terraform, Rip can go grab any location at all.

Keep checking back with us this week as we wrap up the previews.  And next week (sometime) we should be ready to unveil the finished set!